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  1. You posted a cute card with a sizzix branch that said Two Shall become One. My son is getting married in April and thought this would be a cute wedding invitation. I found the die but need to know the company for the stamp. Thanks so much.

    1. Hello--incredible work of art on your Thur, 19th, challenge for the color challenge. How in the world did you do the sky? You said you like watercolors..
      And then the bottom layer--hard to tell if you added color to the snowbanks.
      Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Sanketi---you absolutely have to create this card again, Thurs 19th of May post, and this time create a video of your work in progress.
    Thanks in advance,
    Loralee Parish

  3. I could not find a place to leave a comment on your latest post, so I figured I better do it this way. The cherries and lemons coloring is out of this world.Thank you for all the tidbits. It was not a long fact, more details the better. So--you are onto pencils??? How adventurous of you to continue to go in another technique..yet still similar to your regular watercoloring. I have learned so much and appreciate all your help and encouragement that you give to us who follow you.
    We are blessed to have you in our lives.
    Tish in Tampa

  4. Good morning. I discovered you through Penny Black and I am mesmerized by your talent. One of my goals for 2015 is to teach myself to watercolor using rubber stamps like Penny Black. Can you suggest a brand of watercolors for a beginner? I don't want a kids/cheap set because I hope to continue with my watercolor journey. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your talent. Maybe I will paint my own Christmas cards for 2015. Merry Christmas

  5. You are such an inspiration. I love to sit and watch your watercolor videos. Thanx for sharing!!

  6. Hello Sanketi. I just came across one of your videos today on Youtube. I immediately transferred over to your blog. Wow, your work is so impressive and beautiful. You have such a wonderful style and I can see myself getting inspired to work on my watercoloring. I have only tried it a couple of times but I am ready to give it another try. I would like to know what brand of black ink you use to stamp your images before applying the water and color. Thank you again your your beautiful coloring and for sharing your art. Please keep it coming.

  7. Most familiar with your work with unity stamps which I find so inspiring but happened upon a floral pink-? watercolor (several years old) that I love and had to thank you for sharing your talent. Would love to see more floral but really . . ., just continue to share. thank you again so very much

  8. So glad you are are a generous teacher. I have been painting and teaching most of my life..but
    when I watch you, I still learn something new.
    Thank you and God Blesss you and your business.



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