Thursday, June 15, 2017

State Map Art

Last year, I had started a new series of ' Map Art' which primarily showcased the state bird and state flower. Some state maps were too small to fit a bird and those had a beautiful scenic landscape included. Some, especially the New England region have the most beautiful autumn foliage and I though it was important for me to include that in some of the states. All these were available as originals in my Etsy shop and most got sold. But the one most common request that I received then was to make these available as prints, small and large and/ or cards. It's taken me a while, no doubt, but its finally here!

I have started to offer all US states as prints and Art cards. The cards are 5x7 and a perfect size to frame making it a card and a gift all in one! They are printed on soft textured heavyweight paper and has a beautiful deckle edge to both the card and the envelope. If you need multiples, just contact me on Etsy and I will make them available for you. All 50 are available, but I have yet to list all of them on Etsy, if you don't see yours yet, just message me and I will list it for you.

Here are some of them ... sit back and enjoy with a super large cup of coffee!

All these are current available at an introductory price on Etsy.

Each single state has been handpainted and handlettered meticulously, It's a labor of love! It was so hard for me to stay within the lines, a completely different experience! There have been  maps beautifully painted yet ending up in the trash ..gulp!  beacause I painted it upside down! yes done that!

The most exciting part of this series has been collating all these individual states into one large huge US MAP!. This was a request from my dear husband, he wanted me to put them together and frame it. I am working hard on that and hopefully be done soon. I have given myself a deadline and want it done and framed by 4th of July!
I am planning to make the larger map available on Etsy too. Lets see how that goes!

Like them?

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Gouache on Black

Gouache is a medium that I waited too long to try! Its a wonderful opaque water based medium that's a hybrid between watercolors and acrylic. There is a bit of a learning curve to this. I was trying to use watercolor techniques to paint with fail!

I have finally learned that this medium works best out of the tube, with bare minimum water to wet and wash the brush. If you thin the paint, it looses its vibrancy. It's meant to go down thick. So paint with these as you would with oils. Start with the darks and add the lights or highlights on top.

Once I got the hang of it, it was easy to paint with, especially on black..looks so bright and it!

 Here are some of the cards that I painted with this. I have used Winsor and Newton Gouache and handlettered with Dr.Ph Martins white Ink and nib pen.

All these are now on Etsy.


Happy Birthday

Gouache painting with Envelope liner

 Give gouache a will love it!

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Holiday Cards

It's been a long and busy May at the Sanketi studio. Started off by getting the Etsy shop all stocked up with Mother's day original watercolor cards and once that slowed down, I received a request for holiday cards..yes Christmas in May! After that the studio simply looked like Christmas, with fresh cut pine brought in for styling my work and warm cinnamon spice oil burning to get me into the mood of designing and printing these greeting cards, I had art ready from last year and all I needed to do was design and print them on cards..easy peasy..or so I thought!

The entire project took me several hours of just designing, and some more to get it print ready and several more finding the right cardstock for printing these special holiday cards. I went on a hunt to get the right paper and finally settled on some lovely textured 25% cotton paper which makes it look like fine stationery. After all this work, I decided to make some more work for myself and went ahead and designed some wrapping paper for each of the 14 designs that I had to offer. 12 holiday styles and 2 'thank you 'sets. Printed each one of them and got ready to assemble them as sets of 5. After 2  weeks of hard work, this project was finally ready to be styled and photographed and sent to the client..phew!

 Season's Greetings and Merry Christmas.

This set is now available on Etsy

Set of Thank You Cards on Etsy

Will be back soon with another post to share my new found love ..gouache ..a medium with which I have been playing a lot lately!

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