Friday, May 12, 2017

SANKETI - Etsy And Branding

                Photo Credit- Simi Jois

Last week, I got a photo shoot done of my work. Here are some pictures from that amazing day! I have never wanted to be a model, nor did I think I was capable of being one, but my photographer turned me into one and had me model my work!. I love the creative way in which she took my pics, focusing on the artwork, bringing them to the forefront and keeping them centerstage.

                                             Photo Credit- Simi Jois                                            Packaging fine art . 

 I have spent 2 long years trying to perfect and bring about a cohesive look for my brand. Packaging my art is my passion and I love sending them out just as I would have liked to receive them.  I needed some professional pictures showcasing this to add to my portfolio and website.

I wanted my art loving buyers to know that  even if they were purchasing a greeting card, it was not going to be the regular everyday printed card, they were buying original art which could be gifted and framed. These were original watercolors painted on a smaller canvas of a greeting card. These did not have a shelf life and would, hopefully, not end up in a trash can!  These were small pieces of art to be given to that someone special who loves unique one of a kind items and that could be the buyer herself/himself.

My packaging has evolved over time. I started by putting the card in a nice thick paper sack and sending it off in a bubble mailer. Months later,  I decided to send every card in a muslin bag which would make a nice gift in itself. That continued for the last year and a half,  until I started to find that with every order I placed, the muslin bag sizes were shrinking and would not fit my cards anymore! I was so sad and disappointed, It was my favorite part of packaging my art! I kept looking for new vendors, but every order is the same, short on the length side. So now I have gone back to kraft paper sacks, but my search is still on. I have a new set coming in tomorrow, let me see how that goes!

Until then, orders of more than 2 cards are going in my remaining limited supply of muslin bags which, now have my logo stamped on it! That brings me to my logo design and development. I think I have spent more time in designing my logo, then I have on my art!  Not a graphic designer by any means, it took a lot of learning to even get started to design one. But I knew for sure, that I wanted to do it myself. I am very particular about certain things, and I was apprehensive that I would give in and say yes to a design that was not totally what I had in mind and a designer would not have had the patience nor the time to do multiple reviews for me!

                                                Photo Credit- Simi Jois              Packaging greeting cards and stationery.

Once I started muslin bags, I was happy with the way the packages were going out, but then I wanted to take it a step further and make it look more boutique style. So I designed a belly band with my logo on it to keep it cohesive. For a long time, I was writing a thank you note for each order sent, but writing in a hurry on a busy shipping day, meant bad handwriting and spelling mistakes! So I went ahead and wrote them once and got them ready for print. Now I have them ready to send, and I just need to sign them to make them personal.

My biggest investment has been my printer, and I think that is something everyone who needs to print their work inhouse should make. It makes designing and printing your work so much simpler, and easier. The business cards you see in the  picture below, with the front and back design,  has got to be my biggest achievement! Since I do not have duplex printing on my printer,  I used to struggle with getting them to print both sides, the day I got that figured out, I was thrilled and truly did a happy dance!


Depending on the size of orders, the packages leave my studio with a complimentary bookmark, ATC or a postcard.  I would paint each one individually and send originals, before I realized that  it was not a sustainable idea in the long run. So, again, I sat with all my paintings in front of me, scanned them at 800 DPI and got them ready to print as bookmarks, postcards and ATC's.

                           Photo Credit- Simi Jois

Owning a business means one needs to be very good at marketing, speaking about themselves and their work otherwise it is hard to get people to know that you are even having a shop and  I totally struggle with this, the other day I had someone ask me If I sell my work..what! after 2 years of talking about etsy on my blog, intagram and FB my regular readers are bored and here was somone who has been following me for a while asking me if I sell my art! go figure!
I even made a video for my Etsy shop..which I now need to redo with my logo...but that was another step that I took to help people find my work.


Well, after being open for less than 2 years now with a break of 6+months,  SANKETI has come to be the brand that I had envisioned, a brand that is inspired by nature and offers quality stationery and fine art . A brand that offers the buyer an experience and not a product. As a buyer told me...SANKETI packaging makes people feel like it's Christmas everytime they shop there! I love that!

I hope my art loving buyers enjoy them as much as I do creating them. It makes me so happy when I see my work in someone else's home and they share and tag me on Instagram! If you have purchased from my shop and have shared then don't forget to #sanketi and tag me @sanketim . I would love to take a look!

Yours ARTfully.



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