Friday, June 24, 2016

Watercolor Maps.

South Carolina... Yellow Jessamine and Carolina Wren 

When I received a request for a state map watercolor, a couple of weeks back, I never thought it would become my current favorite subject to paint! I have been unable to get past this subject and have to paint at least one state everyday!lol!

 I receive a request for a different state and I begin to visualize the scene in it. The best part comes when I read the stories behind the requests..born and raised in a particular state, destination weddings, strong memories that a particular home in a particular state evokes and so it continues! Love the stories!

 Here are some of the latest pieces...and they can be found on Etsy.

Michigan. Robin, apple blossoms and beautiful scenic landscapes.

Florida. Juicy sweet oranges..mockingbird ..and bright blue skies. 

Over the weeks now, I have learned so much about states and birds and flowers ! I did not know that a mockingbird was just grey and white and I have read the book many times over ! lol!

NewJersey...violets..Goldfinches ..lighthouses and of course looking at NY skyline from the NJ shore!

If you need a particular state to be painted for you, leave me a comment below or contact me on Etsy

 Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


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