Thursday, June 16, 2016

State Map Art

                  Illinois-5x7 Watercolor on 100%cotton 140# Cold Press watercolor paper.

Last week,  someone asked me can you do 'state art'...and I went ..  'what art' ? I had heard of 'state of the art' but never 'state art'!
...then she explained to me that she wanted me to paint her the map of Illinois state! That, I believe, is called map art/state art...don't hold me on that not so sure! lol!

Always up for a challenge, I was super excited to attempt something new, I quickly looked up maps and drew my IL state map. Initially, I thought of just filling it in with a wash of colors, but then I thought, why not make it more interesting and add a scene to it. After spending a major part of my  morning on it,  I had the  painting ready. But the fun had just begun and I did not want to stop as I painted one more and more!

I was so excited with the way it turned out that I immediately shared it on social media and it was received with equal enthusiasm! How I wish there was a ' share ' button to my blog because I always forget to share it here !

On Etsy

After IL, I was eager to do a different state and was wondering which one to do next..and I asked on Instagram and someone suggested here it is..poppies..Golden Gate ..beautiful scenic California !

On Etsy

        California5x7 Watercolor on 100%cotton 140# Cold Press watercolor paper.

I am loving this so much, that I might end up painting all 50 states! The fun is in visualizing the scene inside the map!

 If you need  one to be painted for you..let me know and I will come up with something!

Like it? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend ahead!



  1. These are so amazing!!!
    I may need to buy one :-)
    Your talent is endless!
    I live in Illinois, but was born in Indiana...
    hhhmmm, I wonder what scene could go in IN!

    1. Thanks Lucy! I can't wait to paint has two of my favorites...the state bird is the cardinal and state flower is the peony!..LOVE!

    2. Lucy..Indiana is now up on my blog!



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