Friday, June 3, 2016


                              Watercolor 9x12 Arches Cold Pressed 140#

Thank God it's Friday!
...this week was  a short week with Monday being a holiday, but felt so long that I could not wait for it to end! Doctor appointments make them feel that way..was so tense and stressed out that I wanted Wednesday to be a Saturday and then all of this would be behind us!  Well! God has been kind and the appointments are done and it's finally Friday!

Last week, I mentioned about painting some Elephants and promised to share more are two of them .

I started with the smaller 5x7 one and once I was done with that, I was so excited that I decided to do the larger 9x12 piece. I truly enjoyed painting these, it was a different experience.

I am particularly fond of elephants and collect them  in various different forms. They remind me of the 'elephant and ant' fable, that  I had heard from my grandma when I was little. It was about how one should never underestimate the power of someone who is small not just physically but small in the grand picture of life. Today, he might 'look' to be a nobody but only time will tell how far he might go! I simply loved that story and learned a lot from that moral and even today I remember to practice it in my everyday life.

                                    Watercolor- 5x7 Arches Cold Pressed 140#

The smaller one is on Etsy.

The larger one will be available for purchase soon soon as I can decide to part with it!lol!... my husband shares my love for elephants and likes  to have large and larger paintings around the house. He  has asked me twice already.." is the larger one going on Etsy?""yes..why?" Husband....." Well, it would look great with a double mat...are you sure? "..... and .....repeat!
..These kind of cryptic question to a question kind of answers confuse me! So am waiting for clarity and more detailed answers from husband before I list it! LOL!

That's about all for today! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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