Sunday, May 29, 2016

Zodiac Constellations

 Happy Sunday !
It's memorial day weekend here and I hope to get out of the house  and enjoy the warm weather !

Over the past week, I have been working on quite a few different pieces of watercolor covering a myriad of subjects, including some wildlife! If you saw my Instagram posts than you know what I am talking about...yes, the elephants! But more about that in another post, for today, I have these zodiac constellations . 

Which one is yours?

These were so much fun! I started with one and than I could not stop and painted all 12 (could fit only 8 in the above picture!) The constellation is gold embossed and watercolored. Initially, I thought of doing them in white but since I did not have an opaque enough white ink with me, I went ahead and embossed them in gold. I love the way it turned out, especially when the light hits it and it glitters!

All of them are available on Etsy.

 And here is mine...Sagittarius ..I love the description..obviously! lol!

.....packaged in a soft muslin bag, ready to settle in it's new home!

A closer look at the gold embossing..

Will be back next week to share some pictures of the elephants!

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice and relaxing weekend.


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