Sunday, May 8, 2016

Blue Hydrangeas


Happy Mother's Day !
.... hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

After an extremely busy week, I decided to wind down with some gardening! The weather got warmer and we finally got to work on our garden and got some annuals planted. Sadly, this year we lost some roses and had to replace them..but with what..roses again?

 A quick trip to the nursery solved the dilemma! Among other perennials, Hydrangeas seemed to be a common suggestion . Although I love these pretty flowers, I have always considered them to be super high maintenance for a lazy gardener like me! The soil has to worked and kept consistently acidic to retain their brilliant blue color, otherwise they turn green and look like foliage to me! After my husband 'promised' to do the hard work like working the soil, so that I could enjoy the blue flowers, we got some home! Thank God for such thoughtful husbands! lol!

When I saw these pretties, I wondered why I had never attempted to paint them as yet? So before they could go in the ground, I set to work!

Here is my first attempt....the beginning of a beautiful experience..
..yes, it was an experience, I learned so much from this small 4x6 . I learned to observe more, mix colors that were true to life and most importantly...PATIENCE!

My second..a card..

.....and then I was hooked...and could not stop painting!

So I started a larger 9x12 piece.

I knew I wanted to approach this piece differently, I knew I wanted to do lots of negative painting and concentrate on lost and found edges. All of this meant layers of work and lots of waiting for the layers to completely dry before I added a new layer.  It was clear in my mind that I needed to have lots of patience and remember to walk away instead of hovering over it and looking at it from all angles and touching to see if it has dried!

So armed with all these do's and don'ts, I embarked on my wonderful hydrangea experience!

Layer 1-

Layer 2

After many many hours and more 'forgot to count' layers...

And here is how it looks framed! it and after a bit of a struggle, decided to part with it and listed it on Etsy!

Back to gardening now!
Thanks a lot for stopping by and have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. All of your hydrangeas are lovely!
    And maintenance in the garden is not as high as you expect - look forward to lots of years with more and more beautiful flowers, all ready to be painted.

  2. Awesome..! I loved your painted roses and Happy to see you painting different flowers ,loved the depth you add to the flowers n backgrounds !



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