Sunday, May 29, 2016

Zodiac Constellations

 Happy Sunday !
It's memorial day weekend here and I hope to get out of the house  and enjoy the warm weather !

Over the past week, I have been working on quite a few different pieces of watercolor covering a myriad of subjects, including some wildlife! If you saw my Instagram posts than you know what I am talking about...yes, the elephants! But more about that in another post, for today, I have these zodiac constellations . 

Which one is yours?

These were so much fun! I started with one and than I could not stop and painted all 12 (could fit only 8 in the above picture!) The constellation is gold embossed and watercolored. Initially, I thought of doing them in white but since I did not have an opaque enough white ink with me, I went ahead and embossed them in gold. I love the way it turned out, especially when the light hits it and it glitters!

All of them are available on Etsy.

 And here is mine...Sagittarius ..I love the description..obviously! lol!

.....packaged in a soft muslin bag, ready to settle in it's new home!

A closer look at the gold embossing..

Will be back next week to share some pictures of the elephants!

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice and relaxing weekend.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Papertrey May Blog Hop Challenge

It's hot and and feels more like Summer rather than Spring, but am not complaining, with more than 6 months of winter weather and snow, am glad to see some sunshine !

Papertrey Ink has chosen the perfect picture to get our summer started...icy cold popsicles! My favorite has always been the pink... strawberry/ raspberry flavored ones. When I saw the picture , I knew I wanted to paint a pink popsicle and since I am  slow when it comes to eating ice creams and almost always melts on a melting popsicle it is! lol!

 I decided to use this beautiful serif sentiment  from 'The Sweet Life 'by PTI,

Off to get myself a popsicle..see this is what happens when I use food related subjects for painting!

Have a nice week ahead and thanks for stopping by!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Watercolor Bookmarks

 Happy Friday!

As a book lover, I am extremely fond of collecting bookmarks!
I still love and read books in all it's original glory simply because, I love the look, feel and smell of a brand new book in my hand and would not trade that for a digital reader!

Over the years, I have collected quite a few bookmarks but I am especially drawn towards the textural ones or those that have some really thought provoking quotes or proverbs, or one that has a simple serene landscape painting which takes me to a totally different land when I see it.

So when I got a message, a couple of weeks back,  asking if I had any faith based bookmarks in my shop on my utter dismay, I had to say NO! She needed them as gifts for her Church group and  I could not believe I had not shared any of my watercolor bookmarks on Etsy, especially since I love them so much and always have some on hand for my book loving  friends !

 That set the ball rolling and I immediately got to work and got some bookmarks done ! Painting these was the easiest part of the puzzle, but how would I package them?

I knew I wanted the end product to be a perfect gift for the book lover, but at the same time wanted it to look elegant. I did not want to use plastic sleeves, since I wanted the reader to get a feel of the 100%cotton paper that I was using for the bookmark and plastic and fine art have never been good friends! Thus began my search for the perfect bookmark packaging.

Then someone on one of my FB groups suggested envelopes and voila!
.....that was exactly what I needed!
..after some tweaking and branding , my bookmarks were ready to be shipped!

Here are some pics ..... Love  Papertrey Ink sentiment favorite!

Set 1on ETSY

Set 2..on Etsy

 Like them? leave me a comment below !

 Thank you so much for stopping and have a great weekend!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Blue Hydrangeas


Happy Mother's Day !
.... hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

After an extremely busy week, I decided to wind down with some gardening! The weather got warmer and we finally got to work on our garden and got some annuals planted. Sadly, this year we lost some roses and had to replace them..but with what..roses again?

 A quick trip to the nursery solved the dilemma! Among other perennials, Hydrangeas seemed to be a common suggestion . Although I love these pretty flowers, I have always considered them to be super high maintenance for a lazy gardener like me! The soil has to worked and kept consistently acidic to retain their brilliant blue color, otherwise they turn green and look like foliage to me! After my husband 'promised' to do the hard work like working the soil, so that I could enjoy the blue flowers, we got some home! Thank God for such thoughtful husbands! lol!

When I saw these pretties, I wondered why I had never attempted to paint them as yet? So before they could go in the ground, I set to work!

Here is my first attempt....the beginning of a beautiful experience..
..yes, it was an experience, I learned so much from this small 4x6 . I learned to observe more, mix colors that were true to life and most importantly...PATIENCE!

My second..a card..

.....and then I was hooked...and could not stop painting!

So I started a larger 9x12 piece.

I knew I wanted to approach this piece differently, I knew I wanted to do lots of negative painting and concentrate on lost and found edges. All of this meant layers of work and lots of waiting for the layers to completely dry before I added a new layer.  It was clear in my mind that I needed to have lots of patience and remember to walk away instead of hovering over it and looking at it from all angles and touching to see if it has dried!

So armed with all these do's and don'ts, I embarked on my wonderful hydrangea experience!

Layer 1-

Layer 2

After many many hours and more 'forgot to count' layers...

And here is how it looks framed! it and after a bit of a struggle, decided to part with it and listed it on Etsy!

Back to gardening now!
Thanks a lot for stopping by and have a wonderful Sunday!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Flowers For Mom!

Here is a quick post sharing a bit of my work from the week gone by! It's May 1st already and am still working on cards for Mother's Day! It was a busy week filling orders over at Etsy and have not had much time for anything else!

I have been wanting to get outside and plant some annuals and get my herb garden started, but after a brief warm up, the temps have dropped again, and it's still cold and wet to really get anything done...waiting for warmer weather again.Until then I am painting flowers!

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I have joined  the #The100DayProject on IG and so far it is coming along pretty well...12 days into it and am still on track! Keeping my fingers crossed!..!
100 days is a long time ..a huge commitment, yet it was a challenge that I needed to keep me motivated!

I think I better stop right here and get some breakfast on the table! Will be back later next week with a video!

Happy Sunday!



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