Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flowers For Mom

I hope you enjoyed the video that I shared in my last post!

Today, I have a picture heavy post for you!
......lots of projects done over the last week!

Ever since I got on twitter, I have started to work on my images and make them more social media friendly..here are some of them!

Also, I have joined a really fun project over at Instagram ..the 100 day project! So starting today you will be seeing one painting done every single day for the next 100 days!  A huge commitment it is, and I hope to stay on track, for, I am not one to stay true to such long drawn plans! I am the kind who books last minute tickets! But this was just the kind of challenge that I needed to stay motivated !

I plan to share them here on the blog simultaneously or at least once a week! Not really thought of it as yet!

 If you want to follow me Instagram than be sure to check out  #100DAYSOFSANKETIWATERCOLORS

Single Rose-card

I painted  florals especially for Mother's Day which is just around the corner!

Summer Flowers-Poppy 9x12 painting

Poppies- card

 9x12 painting

 All these pieces are available on Etsy.

 That's it for now, will be back soon!

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice week ahead!



  1. Lovely! I am new to your blog and wanted to thank you for your video on your last post.

  2. I LOVE these cards - you are such an amazing artist - I am ALWAYS inspired by your work! Thank you for sharing :)



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