Monday, April 25, 2016

Papertrey April 2016 Blog Hop Challenge

Happy Monday!

I am so excited about my watercolor piece today!

This month Papertrey Ink really challenged me to do something I had never done before...go abstract!
...although I have painted some oil abstracts before, trying to do one with watercolors was different and something that had never occurred to me earlier. I have no idea why I had not attempted this subject's so liberating to just go free!

For this painting I just let go and let the pigment do it's own thing. I let the painting guide me through the steps and I think this piece truly came on it's own!

Here is the inspiration picture..

When I started I knew I wanted to paint circles, so I simply drew some with the help of my painters tape and other bottle caps around the house and went from there. The  most difficult decision was whether to add a sentiment or not...I was torn! But then decided to add this tiny little, 'loaded with meaning'  word from the PTI Movers and Shakers Sentiments set .

On Etsy

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flowers For Mom

I hope you enjoyed the video that I shared in my last post!

Today, I have a picture heavy post for you!
......lots of projects done over the last week!

Ever since I got on twitter, I have started to work on my images and make them more social media are some of them!

Also, I have joined a really fun project over at Instagram ..the 100 day project! So starting today you will be seeing one painting done every single day for the next 100 days!  A huge commitment it is, and I hope to stay on track, for, I am not one to stay true to such long drawn plans! I am the kind who books last minute tickets! But this was just the kind of challenge that I needed to stay motivated !

I plan to share them here on the blog simultaneously or at least once a week! Not really thought of it as yet!

 If you want to follow me Instagram than be sure to check out  #100DAYSOFSANKETIWATERCOLORS

Single Rose-card

I painted  florals especially for Mother's Day which is just around the corner!

Summer Flowers-Poppy 9x12 painting

Poppies- card

 9x12 painting

 All these pieces are available on Etsy.

 That's it for now, will be back soon!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Expressive Watercolors - VIDEO

After a long hiatus, am back on the video scene!

Over the last one year, I had taken a break from recording videos. the editing part was the most time consuming and  keeping  up with everything was getting very difficult ..especially with a new venture like a shop! Since my last video, I had been receiving emails asking about my absence and quite a few " where are you?"comments on older videos made me feel so bad that I had subscribers waiting for new content and I was not able to post anything!

 Over the weekend, I received an extremely heartwarming email, a note that touched my heart so deeply, that I left all that I was doing and went to my studio and set up the camera and painted the first thing that came to my mind!  A simple yet thought provoking note to let me know I was missed! missed? really?

YouTube is full of talented artists and there is no dearth of watercolor tutorials and yet to know that my work was missed meant a lot to me! I don't have a whole lot of subscribers, especially when compared to all the super popular crafters out there, yet, it feels nice to know that I make a difference in people's life in my own small, little way!

Ever since I started doing videos in 2014, the single most appreciated comment that made all the work so worthwhile, was when someone said that they were inspired enough to start painting again! I hope and  pray that I can continue to share whatever little I know through my videos and encourage people to pick up a brush and paint!

Here is the video for this painting..

Click here to watch in HD on YouTube

This painting is available on  Etsy

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Exciting News! The Dahlia Collection- Club Scrap Guest Artist

The day has finally arrived!
The Dahlia collection is here!.

After working with Tricia and her team  in December last year for the ' WATERCOLOR CHRISTMAS' collection, I was given yet another opportunity to share my watercolors. Way back in Feb, I worked on a series of bright and colorful paintings for Club Scrap, It's called the Dahlia collection . What started off as a simple color swatch turned into this beautiful floral painting.

They have turned this watercolor piece into gorgeous patterned paper and also offer you an easy to put together greeting card kit. Check out the links below for more information.

Thanks Tricia for this wonderful opportunity.. again!
..It was fun working with your team!

Dahlia Club Scrap Deluxe Scrapbook kit

Club Scrap Dahlia Greetings to Go

Don't forget to stop by Club Scrap for a closer look!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend !



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