Monday, February 15, 2016

Hand Lettered - Grateful

Happy Monday everyone!

Last week I decided to try something new and different from what I had been doing so far. I tried to combine hand lettering and watercolors in a whole new way. An old technique that I had not ventured  into  until I was sure I would have the patience to complete the piece! I do not like to leave any of my paintings half done!

Although it did take a while to finish, I was truly satisfied with the end result . I think if I had used masking fluid, it would have been quicker, easier and I could have added more details to the background, but I got lazy and did not want to through an extra step of masking  and wanted to dive straight into the painting.

here are some of the pieces from last week...

Grateful-for the Flora and Fauna -  this one is available as prints and accessories on Society6. here is how it looks on cards


 Just Breathe..

This was specially done for me...a gentle reminder to breathe and remember the power of breath. As much as I know that practicing Pranayama / breathing exercises are good for me and need to be done everyday, I, often, fail to get into a discipline or set a schedule where yoga is given utmost priority. I seem to find time for everything else but exercise!  I have put this one in my studio to remind me to breathe while painting too. Often, when I am painting and concentrating on doing fine, detail work, I tend to take shallow breaths...this kinda reminds me to breathe when painting and not forget why I am doing it in the first place...reminds me that I am painting for pleasure and passion..not pain!

Prints on Society6.

These two cards are available as originals on Etsy

....a closer look.....

Have a nice week week ahead and thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Beautiful - such a lovely combination of colours and a wonderful watercolour feel :)

  2. This is amazing and so beautiful. I love how it turns out on the shirt, bag and clock.



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