Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hand Lettering

Before I begin with my post for today, I would like to THANK all my readers for the comments and emails and messages congratulating me on my first print release...each one was read with gratitude and thankfulness . I truly appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment or write me an email. I hope to continue inspiring you through my art and wish every single reader of mine would pick up a brush and start painting....I promise it's truly meditative!

Apart from basking in the warmth of the Club Scrap release, I did do some hand lettering. After all the practicing that I had been doing lately, I, finally, had the confidence to use it on my final pieces of artwork. Of course, am not taking any chances with it and am doing the lettering 'before' I do the artwork!

Here are some of the pieces ......all of them are now available on ETSY

Here is one where I did some miniature work using a teeny tiny 00 brush!

      Miniature work on 140# CP paper

It's a first for me...never used such a tiny brush before for an entire painting! I have reached for a 0 before, but just for final details and have quickly put it away for fear of fiddling too much and ruining the entire work! In fact I tell anyone who asks me about brushes, to pick the largest that they are comfortable with and to stay away from tiny ones!

I feel one needs a LOT of patience to work on a small scale and even more patience to deal with a number 0 or 00 or even smaller brushes. It holds very little paint and one tiny stroke and it's time to reload!

Hmnn..let's see if I reach for it again..since I do love the scale and look of this painting...will keep you updated!

And here am back to my regular no 6 sable..

 I used gold ink for this one. I loved how it turned out! It look a bit raised, almost like the gold embossing using embossing powder.

              Gold lettering on Arches 140#CP paper.

 Hope you enjoyed reading today's post...have a nice week ahead friends!



  1. You have such amazing talent...thanx for sharing.

  2. Wow, these are so gorgeous! Love your lettering. I want to practice....I have some calligraphy tools...should just jump into it :)

  3. It takes real talent to produce such lovely hand lettering and artwork. As always stunning work!!

  4. oh my.. this is gorgeous.. Such stunning art..

  5. Absolutely stunning...would love to be able to do this but am afraid to try...maybe some day.



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