Sunday, October 18, 2015

Summer Garden

  Picture Heavy Post....
 ....put your feet up and enjoy with a warm cuppa!

The temps around here feel like winter already!

Night time lows of 28F got to our lovely yellow chrysanthemums and they got all droopy and sad! I got some in, hoping to hang on to them for a little while longer, but they don't seem to be liking it indoors and continue to be 'mopey' and grumpy! They look like me when I am woken up too early.. before 5 am! On such occasions it's best for me to avoid any human interaction until after 7...just sayin!

Before the garden was gone completely, I decided to collect whatever was remaining and paint some to remember our garden from 2015. This year we did not plant much, mature trees casting a shadow on our flower beds had limited our choice for flowering plants. We stuck with simple impatiens and marigolds for annuals and depended on our south facing mums for fall color. With that gone, our garden is now done for the year!

Here are some pieces, I painted over the week...Summer 2015 on Arches 140# watercolor paper .

A major highlight of the week, was the arrival of my new palette and new M Graham and Daniel Smith paints. Had been wanting to add M Graham to my palette for a very long time.They are honey based and do not dry completely which help my soft sable brushes last longer. These pure colors stay vibrant even when dry! Loving them. All the paintings here have been done using these paints.

The palette of course has large wells and lots of mixing space and the best part is it's porcelain and not plastic which mean easy clean up and no staining and it does weigh 5 pounds though..definitely a studio palette!

As always, I made a color chart of all the colors for future reference.

I made a set of Thank You Cards...... You can find them all on ETSY.

And as a grand finale to my painting session..
.....I ruined a perfectly composed, masked and two layers down already, coming well together painting by spilling some lovely purple paint on it! oooops!
Yes ..I did that!

 I tried my best to rescue it..took the following steps to save it...
...tissues were reached for to dab the purple off,
...tears were shed (how that would help?...don't ask!),
...frustration and sadness was shown/shared with other kind people at home (aka husband) and as always he was also blamed for the spill since he was the one who critiqued it and said add more darks! The purple paint was being mixed to add some shadows and darks...
.....and as a final attempt to save it, more paint was thrown on it to hopefully make it look 'abstract" and well intended....
...BUT, alas, it had to be put down! RIP dear yellow flowers by the window will be missed!

In memory, here is a picture  of that once 'lovely painting'....

Here are the Thank You cards... simple floral illustrations..

Hope you  enjoyed today's post and thank you so much for stopping by! Have a nice Sunday!



  1. Gosh---even the "ruined" one is fantastic. don't throw it away. One of us would love to "win"it in a drawing.
    Thanks for the commentary. That was fun to read and to see your palette coming together in such a mess. Guess that is what true artist do..
    Thank you again for sharing. Lovely work.

  2. Yeah I agree the "ruined" one is great too! Love your art work!



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