Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dip Pens-Calligraphy

Last week, I got my dip pens out to try my hand at calligraphy!

For a long time now, I have wanting to be able to write quotes on my artwork in the beautiful copperplate style. After a week of practice, all I can say is..I  do have a 'long way' to go before I get a hold of the slant and strokes. I struggled so much with the downstrokes that I did not even bother trying any particular style of calligraphy! All I wanted to do was get the thick and thin letters right!
..will get there eventually, until then shall keep practicing!

In fact, the other day, I met a calligrapher at the art store and she recommended I get the oblique nib holder which would help me get my slant and also improve my strokes. I tried looking for that holder, but looks like it's very popular and was out of stock everywhere! Will post my find if and when I get one!

If you know where to find an oblique pen or have any suggestions on how to improve my calligraphy...please leave me a comment! I need all the help I can get!

In other news..I have something exciting coming up next week..will share more soon...maybe as soon as Monday..standby!

And here are some watercolor pieces from this was a slow week when it came to painting because I spent most of my waking hours practicing my calligraphy!

On Etsy.. Mason Jar -Watercolor on 140 # Sennelier Rough watercolor paper and M Graham paints

Watercolor On 140# Arches Rough ..0n Etsy

That's all for this week...Happy Sunday!


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