Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Autumn Leaves

 Hello !

Over the long weekend, I did take some time to paint and going by the number of cards and paintings that I have painted in the last week, I think I might have gotten slightly addicted to maple leaves! I simply can't seem to stop painting them. They make such a brilliant subject. The myriad of colors all blending into each other are such a treat to the artist. There is no right or's a maple leaf and whichever way you paint it, it is bound to be pretty!

Here is one of my latest's a 5x7 matted to a 8x10 and is ready to frame.I have used Arches watercolor paper which I simply love for it's texture and the watercolors are by Winsor and Newton.

You can find this one on Etsy

 And here are some cards......

 Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

I am loving all the color on my blog!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a nice week ahead!



  1. Your art is beautiful and so inspiring! No Autumn leaves here but I can appreciate their beauty!

  2. These are all gorgeous! I am looking forward to fall. Thanks for the preview!

  3. The use of colors is brilliant. Looking forward to seeing more such work!



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