Friday, July 10, 2015

Watercolor Sketchbooks- Video

Hi friends,
I have a video for you!
.....................Yes ..finally!

I had not realized how long it had been since I uploaded a video, until I got an email from a regular subscriber asking me about it and requesting some info about sketchbooks. I went to check the last video posted and it was way back in Feb...gulp!

I decided it was time I got my camera charged and back in order..there was no way I could disappoint my subscribers, which as I see today has crossed 1500 ! I am so grateful to all those who have subscribed and hope to start my regular postings again.

Coming back to my sketchbooks, I was asked about my favorite sketchbook and since it was impossible for me to pick just one, I decided to do a video and show you some of my current and past favorites. Also I will be showing you my current watercolor field sketching kit  and my first and most favorite travel palette, a Cotman Sketchers box.

Since I love handmade paper, I do have a few journals which have rag or Khadi paper and truly enjoy working with them. Presently am looking for a paper made in Nepal called 'Lokta' paper, which is made from the Lokta bushes . I just can't seem to have enough of these, I love the texture and look of the deckle edged papers! Unfortunately not all are suitable for watercolors, and care has to be taken if you are purchasing them for a water based medium. Most are usually sized well, but some can be tricky with uneven sizing. Sometimes it's over sized and paint just washes off the surface!

The fun is in finding the right paper and experimenting!
...can you tell I love paper!

Here is the video...

Click here to watch on YouTube

I hope you find this useful if you are looking for unique and different papers to paint !

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!




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