Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Every single year since we have started a garden, sunflowers seem to come up all by themselves! We have never planted them intentionally and yet we have a lovely spread of color! We thank the birds for it!  They come to our bird feeder and eat to their heart's content, often emptying the feeder all at one go and in return they sow the sunflower seeds for us!

The best way to capture this color and make memories of them is to take a picture and better still is to paint them!
..and that's exactly what I did yesterday...painted some happy little sunflowers!

                   Sunflower 1

                             Sunflower 2

These two cards are currently available on Etsy and pretty soon you will find a large size painting..(9x12) of these sunflowers too....perfect to brighten up your home!


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