Friday, July 17, 2015

Etsy - watercolors by sanketi

For a long time now I had been contemplating a website where I could showcase my watercolors and offer them for purchase. But I am not good with these things in general, especially the part where I need to tell people about it. I have always been shy of selling! I almost always just give them away when somebody says they like my work!

But a recent conversation with  a fellow artist made me realize how important it is to price and sell your work not just for the monetary aspect, which, no doubt, in itself is very important but the fact that it tells you what people think about your work and helps you improve. Family and close friends always have a kind word for my work, rarely do I hear anyone critique it, except for my husband  though, who always has an opinion for me!

In the past I have had people ask me if I sold my work and as much as I would have loved to do that, I did not really know how to get started. I had opened an Etsy account long back and forgotten about it, until I was reminded by my friend to start with Etsy!

So that's what I did...
.....I am finally on Etsy !

Here is the link...

Watercolors by Sanketi

I have just a few up for sale now...and hope to upload more today so don't forget to bookmark/favorite my shop!

If you have been following my work and would like me to make something that you have seen on my blog then leave me comment below or email me and I could paint something specially for you!

Thank you so much for sharing my excitement!

Have a wonderful weekend!


1 comment :

  1. How wonderful that you will be selling
    some of your beautiful work. You do have
    a talent and it's good that you will get to
    make some money to buy more art supplies :-)



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