Friday, April 3, 2015

Believe In Miracles

 Hello everyone,

It's been a month, a long month.... which has changed the way I think and all that I take for granted. My grandmother would always say, "whatever happens ..happens for our good" I shall believe ..always...

Feb 26th...a grey icy winter day, a day I shall never forget as long as I husband was in a car accident. It was a long seven hour drive before I could see him . The rest is nothing short of a miracle. By the grace of God, he has slowly recovered and is now back to work, albeit with certain setbacks that usually come with such an incident which only time can heal. This event has taught us a lot and shown us what mental strength and will power can do. It brought to light a side of me that I thought never existed and most importantly it reiterated my belief in miracles..... because anything can happen!

Just two days after he got home, I started to feel under the weather and unfortunately am yet to get out of it completely, but then  I thought it was time I posted an update.

 I had made this card right before all of this happened and had not gotten a chance to share it here, there is no better day than today to post this card. I would like to thank all of you who sent me wishes and emails...they were deeply appreciated.

This card was supposed to be a tutorial with stepped out pictures, which I, unfortunately, am not in a position to share today. If anyone is interested, do leave me a comment and I will add those pics later this week. It has been colored using Spectrum Aqua, Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and Spectrum Noir colored pencils. The sentiment is gold embossed.

 Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope to get back to my regular posting soon!



  1. oh my goodness, how terrifying for your family! but God is so very good, all the time. yes, miracles do occur. so thankful healing has taken place! prayers that you will be back to feeling better soon. shouting Hallelujah over here! :)

    and such a lovely card you have featured today, too!

  2. Oh take care & praying all will be good soon, yes miracles do happen!!! Thank you for sharing such a beauty with us today!

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about it, but glad to hear
    that he is doing better! It's funny how much adrenaline
    and necessity can make us into people that we never
    had to be before! Once the necessity is done, our bodies
    sometimes have a delayed reaction to all of the stress
    that we experience and we get sick.
    Take your time, relax and breathe.
    Your card is pure loveliness, as usual :-)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your stunning card! Glad that you and your husband are recovering from his terrible accident. Take as much time as you need.....we'll be here.

  5. Hi Sanketi, sorry to hear about this. today only I thought about you and wished that all is well at your end. Happy to know that the real tough time is over. Hope your husband recovers fully soon. This is such an apt sentiment for all that you have gone through,strange how life's unexpected turns bring about a total shift in perspective !! take care, hugs and good wishes !!

  6. Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear that. Take care and know that we are stronger than we know. Sending all good wishes and prayers. Thank you for this beautiful card.

  7. I am glad to know that everything is getting back to normal on your side .Its very commendable that even after such difficult times you are finding something positive out of it !

  8. I'm sorry to hear that you and your husband have had to deal with such pain and worry. Miracles do happen and I'm glad they happened to you. A beautiful card! Feel better soon.

  9. Big hug for you and your husband <3 you!!

  10. I am sorry you have been through such a difficult time but I am glad your husband has recovered. I believe in miracles too and I am so glad you have experienced one in this situation.
    Your card, as always is beautiful.
    Heather T

  11. Thank you for sharing this tragic event with us. We admire your work and for you to have us share in your pain is a blessing to us to be included. Praise the Lord that he is recovering.Prayer is the most comforting words we can give to each other and that can bring you comfort and encouragement. There is a wonderful Christian song writer and singer named Laura Story. After she was married, her husband was in a horrible accident and suffered brain damage. She wrote a song called What if Blessings came through tear drops. She performed this in concert and told her story. From this accident and good recovery, she now has an adorable little girl. I would hope that if you heard her song, you would feel her encouragement.
    Tish in Tampa

  12. It was so good to hear from you. I am sorry you and your husband are having these trials. I am also happy that the Lord is seeing you through them. I love your work. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  13. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery, our prayers r with you; I can say I really understand what you are going through as I myself am recovering from such an incident on on Jan 1! truely miracles happen n they teach us a lot!

    awesome card you have here, something I very much needed to see

  14. Stunning card and a very true sentiment.

    Prayers, blessings and love your way

  15. Hugs amd prayers my friend. Thanks for the update. Beautiful card!

  16. Is good to know that your husband, and yourself, is well now. Fortunately the worst is already gone.
    This is a very elegant and beautiful card.

  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your hardships. Wishing you and your husband all the best . . .

  18. Just now getting back to visiting blogs since I started working. Not a whole lot of time, but I meant to check in to see if you had updated your blog letting us know what happened. My goodness, life is full of challenges isn't it? I will be lifting you both up in prayer to continue to see miracles which really is the hand of God. What a praise your husband has lived through such a challenge and for you as well. Thank you so much for sharing your intimate life with us-I thank you for the testimony! And how I have missed your beautiful nice to see it once again!



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