Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good Times!


Here is another Spectrum Aqua sample....
......a new addition to the Spectrum Noir coloring family, these water based markers are now available in the USA!

Way back in Jan I had sent some samples for the official release of these markers at the CHA show. It was a live event on TV and I was pleasantly surprised to see my work on display and truly enjoyed my two minutes of fame!

When I saw the presentation, I knew I had to save this for work on TV for the very first time..yayy.. and I knew my husband would feel bad if I told him he missed something "this important"! ( we crafter's have our own list of important things ..don't we!)

 I had to do something and quick ..had to take some pictures ..but how?...screen shots?..yes.!. that's what I should be doing ...but how does one take a screen shot..hmnnn...asked Grandma Google and as always she helped..  and I went clicking ..some are ok, some are really blurred..but it was enough to show my husband ..mission accomplished!

I waited to share with you until it was released her in the point showing you something which was not available yet! is a screen shot of the display...the samples to the left of the markers..four of them, the butterfly, red roses, pale pink floral and of course the mosaic which I am sharing with you today.

The pictures are screen shots of a  earlier presentation on TV, the pricing is old and does not hold good anymore.

And below is a closer look at the cards, I will be sharing them individually over the next few weeks here on my blog.

 Stamps-Crafter's Companion,
Spectrum Aqua.

 Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week ahead!



  1. Awesome. Good for you! I'm sure your husband was very proud of your accomplishment! I'm happy for you as well!

  2. Hi Sanketi. I have followed you for quite some time and usually when you try out a new watercolor set you say what you like and don't like about it. I have been considering getting the SN Aqua. So when I saw your post I was excited to finally get the opinion of a real watercolorist. But you have not posted any opinion, no pros and cons, no comparisons to other products. This has made me rethink my purchase. I think you could make a beautiful piece out of the worst watercolor on the market. So without any real comments I feel that maybe you dont have good things to say. I hope I'm wrong. Please do a video review of these markers so we can see them in action and hear what you have to say.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for following my blog ..appreciate it!

      Unfortunately, I don't remember any product comparison posts on my blog nor any such videos so direct me to such a post if there is one ..I am not able to recollect as of now!

      When I try a new product, I try to highlight the reason why I purchased it for eg's artist quality or transparency etc, but I don't normally do product comparisons for the single most reason that I don't purchase too much overwhelms I don't really have too much product to compare in the first place!

      I personally do not like to endorse any one product just because I love to use many different coloring mediums and of course experiment with them . Having said that, today's post is more about my work being on TV rather than being a product review which again I do not do on my blog.

      As far as Spectrum Aqua goes, it's new, it's wonderful, it's vibrant and is a pleasure to work with, but then that's just my opinion and I am honored that you think so highly of me, but please do not come to a conclusion about something just because I have not mentioned or talked about it in my post! Do give them a try and see for yourself, you might love it!

      ..and yes a video with these markers is definitely in the pipeline, and you will be able to see them in action but in the meanwhile you can stop by Spectrum Noir and see some Spectrum Aqua videos over there.

      I hope that helps..see you around!

    2. Thanks for the response and in case I forgot to mention it CONGRATULATIONS! When I said comparison I was talking in general. As an example, I think when you first tried the Gamsai watercolors you talked about them being more opaque.

      I do value your opinion and since the product is so new any information from artists rather than from the actual company is important to me. I really just wanted to know if you liked them. But I would love it if you did an actual review of them and show their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, in the end, we all like different products. Thanks again for all of your awesome videos.

    3. Thanks Tammy, I will definitely do a video on it, and unfortunately I have yet to try the Gamsai watercolors...everyone seems to be talking about it..I think it's time for me to get some!

  3. Absolutely love your artwork! Any colouring you do is FAB.
    And as for the 2 minutes of fame... well earned!!
    I'm always amazed by your colouring and your ability to turn any stamp into something gorgeous. :-)
    thanks for sharing.


  4. Congratulations Sanketi !! awesome to be featured on TV !! love this card :)



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