Friday, November 7, 2014

Watercolor - poinsettia - video

Happy Friday friends!

A couple of weeks back, I was commissioned to do some artwork....awesome! I had to paint poinsettias..hmnnn.....not so awesome!
.....I had never painted these before, but since am always up for a challenge... I took it up!

The first step was to spend some quality time with my sketchbook instead of my husband! After a few disappointing tries, I finally made it !  Since I paint extremely wet..maintaining the form of the poinsettia without  loosing the shape of the leaves was the most difficult part of this painting....but practice always gets you there.

I tried this using different shapes, but my favorite was this square shape and the circle. You can use 'post it' notes to mask and I believe you get them in sheets too...I got to know about that after I was done. But I think that would make this really easy ..just punch or die cut the shape and you have a mask ready!

 Here is the video..

 Watch on YouTube In HD

 This is really easy to do freehand, but if you are not comfortable, you could use a poinsettia stamp and go from there... which ever way you choose..please give this one a try ..paint some poinsettias for your family and friends this Christmas!

Thanks for joining me today..have a wonderful weekend!



  1. LoVe lOVe LOvE Your work...Beautiful!!!!

  2. lovely painting! I appreciate the video, too. You always give such good artistic advice.

  3. I am enthralled by the beauty of this. Captivated by the depth, layers, and simplicity. All wrapped up in Christmas crimson. Shall I try (she smiles)?

  4. Your poinsettia is just beautiful! The shadows make it almost look 3D. I love that square frame! I use post-it tape to mask edges. I find it works really well.

  5. your work is so inspiring and watching you work and seeing the outcome..thank you for sharing your style and technique.. your work makes my heart so happy..thank you Sanketi.



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