Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Splash a landscape

 I have been playing with my Splash Inks again !
           ........and have a landscape to prove it!

Today's project is a perfect example of 'letting the paints/inks do their job' motto of mine. Over the years I have realized that the less I fiddle with the paints, the fresher and purer the results are . I feel  the final piece definitely looks much brighter this way. When I keep going back with a brush, trying to adjust the values, there is a always a chance that the final piece might end up being muddy and overworked.

The best part of this technique is that you don't have a plan nor a sketch or a definite idea of how it will turn out. With not much control, the final piece is often an interesting surprise! It helps to  loosen up  and break free. I love doing something like this when I am stuck for ideas or when I just want to experiment with color mixes or techniques.

So, today, I revisited that motto and just let the colors be!

 For a complete list of supplies and stepped out pictures, stop by the Niji blog.
       ..........see you there!



  1. love the depth and the rays of light effect, Sanketi !!

  2. All I can say is wow..You are amazing and I love what you said about letting the ink do its thing. I have a really hard time teaching that to my classes. They want to paint away..so-this will definitely be my next project-with your words of wisdom. I can always say--The expert says......This goes a long way in encouraging them.
    Thank you for sharing. And I love my Splash inks.
    Tish in Tampa

  3. Wow this looks terrific n thank you for a great advice on less fiddling with the paints n inks :)



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