Monday, March 17, 2014

It's all Good - Exciting news!

 I have some really exciting news to share this Monday morning........
......I made it to the Unity Stamp Co Design Team!

It was a loooong wait ..but so worth it !

Usually, if and when I do apply for a design team call ... (I don't apply to too many since I don't like to take on more than I can deliver and kill my creativity in the process, so I restrain and limit myself to very few.) ...but when I do apply it's usually last minute, like a day or 2 before the deadline and that's because I am not the kind who can wait for results!

But when I saw the Unity call, I plunged head on not wasting a single moment  and that was almost like a month ago,which also meant that I had to wait now for a month to know if I made it or not..thankfully Feb was a bit short but still.....!

March 13th ...the D day finally rolled around! I stayed awake the previous night until 12 to see if there was a midnight post on the Unity blog...nope...ok 'maybe first thing tomorrow' I said and wished myself luck and 'tried to sleep'!

Woke up bright and early and checked ..and checked.... and refreshed.. and nay.. nothing?

I had not received an acceptance mail which just confirmed my fear that I did not make it! I moped around, drank extra cups of tea to soothe my chattering mind, consoled myself a bit that 'there was always a next time' and finally let it go with an.. 'at least I tried' !
..and let me tell you that  the 'tea' and 'tried' part do not really help much !

So 13th went by with a note by Angela, the owner of Unity and the final decision to speak.. that the she would be back soon with the new DT post...oh well...  then the choices had been made and I did not make it ..done ..time to step out and leave the computer alone so that the refresher can take a break!

14th Sat morning- shared with hubs and he said who knows, they have not annouced on the blog yet, maybe you still have a chance...hmmnn maybe! positive thinking!

14th Sat night- no mail ... definitely out of the running ..good night!

15th Sunday morning..still thinking about it but telling my brain not to think about it anymore!

15th Sunday late afternooon- done with lunch, working with some new stamps and hear a ping mail...friend request - Facebook..Angela......what! ...calm down !.... it's just a friend request..nothing more...confirm request..go to see the Unity page...scroll down ..scroll...see my work  there alongside an announcement !
...Welcome Swarup...our new DT member!!

WOW....what ...when and why did  I miss this and all this time it never occurred to me that she would have perhaps announced the new DT on Facebook and I kept checking the blog  and my mail instead...three whole days! She had been announcing the names one by one since 13th as promised and I was the last one and that was done on Sunday morning!

Was I glad to see my name? bet!

 So well there we short ..well not so short.... story about me getting on board Unity Design Team! That's why I said earlier the wait was so so SO worth it!

Thank you so very much Angela, it's truly an honor to be a part of this company and work among the super talented girls there! I hope to do my best!

 Stamps-Unity- It's all good

 Before I let you go, here is a card using  Unity stamps..of course!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement..hope I did not lose you with my super long story!

Have a wonderful week ahead!



  1. Wow!! with your talents and skills - really.....? You put yourself through that whole agonising nightmare?.....wondering?! I'm sorry for laughing, but I did laugh (just a wee tiny bit) NOT at your pain, but at the thought "others go through this kind of back and forth agonising wait-thing too......"?! Oh and btw, NOT that I have your talent, but just about other ordinary things!! so HUGE congratulations to YOU!! Your fabulous-ness has been recognised again!! well done, relax and enjoy!! Ps thanks for sharing the story!!x

  2. Congratulations! This is so well deserved. Guess I'll be shopping at Unity more often. Cannot wait to see more of your work.

  3. Congrats Sanketi ! I loved reading through your much I loved your work ! I have linked your blog in my post .If you wish to check here is the link :

  4. You are a ROCK STAR!!! Congrats!

  5. Congratulations!! Worth the wait and I"m so glad you made to the design team!

  6. Unity is the lucky one - to have YOUR talent working with their stamps. I LOVE the way you take a stamped image and turn it into a gorgeous work of watercoloured art! I'm such a fan of your work, I thought I'd better post a comment to let you know! Congratuations, Unity! You've added one AMAZING designer! :-)

  7. Woot! Congratulations on a well deserved appointment! Love this as I love all your work! Thanks for more inspiration!

  8. Thanks you so much everyone for all the kind and encouraging'll inspire me to keep doing better and better!

  9. Congratulations. I love Unity stamps, too. This is a well-deserved honor. we all will be waiting with anticipation what you design for them.
    Thank in you in advance for sharing and telling us how to do the watercolor and the little tidbits.
    Tish in Tampa

  10. Oh my, what a great post .. I for one could not wait for her to announce your name... Congrats on coming aboard.. You are extremely talented and I look forward to working beside you.. Get used to Facebook always lots going on.. Your card is gorgeous btw... Xx

  11. lovely post Sanketi................isey bollywood istyle mein kuch aiasey kehtey hein
    Itni shiddaat se mainey tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai,
    ki har zaaarey ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai.

    Kehte hain ki ...... Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.
    ........hope you get the context...this is a filmy dialogue from Om Shanti Om......the Shahrukh blockbuster !!

  12. Congratulations! How awesome that you made the team and that we will get to see more of your beautiful projects on the Unity blog!

  13. Thanks so much ..truly grateful!

  14. Congratulations Sanketi, your work is amazing! Cathy x

  15. Congratulations, Sanketi! I'm sure we'll keep on seeing the most beautiful watercolor pieces!



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