Thursday, February 27, 2014

Letterpress Stationary

 I love the look of letterpress, it always takes ordinary stationary to the next level .... add a touch of gold and you have something you might find at a high end boutique!

These are so easy to make at home, I guess I should warn you these are addictive, once you start..hard to stop.. almost like chocolates!

For a complete list of supplies and stepped out pictures stop by the Niji blog.

Edited : Looks like I was not too clear about the Letterpress part of the post, so here is some info about the Letterpress kit I's the L letterpress kit by lifestyle crafts. I have the starter kit which comes with the platform, ink and some plates. I do not have the Epic 6 machine, but Big Shot works equally well with the platform. The thank you sentiment was part of the starter kit . Here is a link to a blog I found which has lots of info about how to use this kit . Hope that helps.

Also some earlier posts  where I have used this kit and  some other pressing and here 

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  1. Wow. These are beautiful and elegant.

  2. Back from Niji....beautiful effect Sanketi, love that gold border , will sure try !!

  3. Love everything! The watercolor is amazing as always, and the letterpress is just the perfect match. Besides, it is a great way of adding a sentiment in my own language without using alphabet stamps.

  4. That is classy and beautiful, I hop over to Niji blog trying to find out how you do that letterpressed THANK YOU sentiment, but can't find answer, would you be doing any tutorial with this technique?

    1. I am sorry if that was not clear enough , but I used a Letterpress kit by Lifestyle crafts for the sentiment.I shall update the post with more info. Thanks for bring that to my notice!

  5. what a lovely set of cards :)



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