Friday, February 7, 2014

Hold onto one another....

Joining PTI Anniversary celebrations-timer challenge . We have 7 mins to grab 7 supplies and create a card in 17 mins..ufff..typing that is making me nervous!
......nope... I can do it.. .I can do it..I can.... !

 Ok so I grabbed my PTI -year of flowers collection and Fancy Folk art set, brush,watercolors, paper and ink. Stamped and colored and stamped sentiment ..done in a total of 14 mins and 22 secs.

In fact it was done around 11 mins but  it took me 3 mins just to dry it since I did not get my heat tool out in the allotted 7 mins! So had to hold it in my hands and  frantically wave ! Good thing I started from the right and moved to the left , so it was dry enough to stamp the sentiment. It was fun though!

A closer look....

Thanks for stopping by today.



  1. Beautiful card, cant believe you can do this in under 17 minutes. So talented, it would take me all day to achieve this look (no I don't think even a day would be enough to come up with such a beautiful card) so artistic.

  2. A beautiful reminder that the daffodils will bloom soon and what's important in life!

  3. Most of us could not do this in a lifetime, much less in 11 minutes. So far this is my favorite of all your cards, but then I say that each time you do another. Your talent is so exceptional, I would expect to have to pay admission to see it in a gallery. What inspires you to add little touches like ash to make the daffodil blossom look 3D, I wonder. That kind of magic can't be taught or copied, I suspect. WONDERFUL!
    Bahb (sorry, no blog or web site)

  4. lovely card, sanketi !! Hope you would care to see this post of mine inspired by you..........
    would love to get your feedback..

  5. Your work is so beautiful. I cannot get anything done because I'm constantly checking your site for a new post.
    I'm looking for your two magnolias? Were they removed for publishing? Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    1. Aww so sorry for holding up your work but am glad you are enjoying my blog! this the post you are looking for...Love blooms..

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