Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yasutomo Niji - Madhubani.- Indian Folk Art


                                       Peacock and Fishes

Today, I want to introduce you'll to a very popular Indian folk art called Madhubani, which literally translates into Madhu-honey ...bani-forests. It's a very old rural art form which originated in a village by the same name in Northern India. These paintings are known for their  simplicity, line work and vibrant colors.

Here is how I approach this age old art  form...

                                   Tree Of Life-Ink and Watercolor

Fishes, peacocks and the tree of life are the most popular motifs and I have tried to use them in my illustrations, giving them my own unique touch.

                                The lady-Ink And Watercolor
The human figure is often a child like stick figure illustration, not much dimension is given, which makes it incredibly easy for a non artist to try. They merely represent their surroundings, especially the deities and the flora and fauna around them.

                            Fishes-Ink and watercolor
These paintings are done on handmade paper in a sketchbook using a dip pen and fluid ink. For stepped out pictures and supply list do stop by the Yasutomo blog, I promise you will not be dissappointed!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Disclaimer-      I do not have formal training in Madhubani art, but over the years this is what I have observed and thought of sharing with you'll today. This might not be the original way of painting, especially when it comes to colors and ink and certain motifs, so in no way am I claiming this to be an original, but, I enjoy doing it this way and hope to share what I know and inspire people to pick up their pens and start drawing!



  1. Love this, Sanketi !! my fav are the majestic peacock and the Tree of life !!

  2. Lovely creations :) perfect expression of Madhubani art

  3. Love your approach to this art, Sanketi. I didn't know her, but folk art is always inspiring... and so is your own art.



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