Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birch - watercolor

                     Birch-5x7- watercolor on Arches 140# cold press

Earlier this week I mentioned getting some books and trying new techniques and how some failed miserably and some were kind of ok,  So today I gave a shot at yet another technique  and I must say I was pretty pleased with it! In fact I was satisfied enough to share with my readers today.

I had always wanted to paint Birch trees, the white  of the trees and papery bark, is something I fell in love  with, the very first time I set my eyes on these trees.  I have given them a try in the past, and those were ok, but painting them using masking tape, was a technique which I had seen before used by many artists, but never really tried it for myself.

So I set to work and  here is the result...

 A closer look.....
                                                             church stamp by Clear dollar stamps

I have used a stamp for the church/house, the rest is sketched. After I completed this  painting , I thought of trying  another one and remembered to take some pictures along the way...

Here we go...
...tear some masking tape and adhere onto the paper, where you would like your trees to be..this saves the white of the trees.

Dampen paper and lay down colors...

 Wait until "COMPLETELY" dry and peel the tape..Do as I say and not what I impatience to do the reveal, cost me some paper which is fixable on a sketch but not  what you want on your final painting!

 Add shadows on the trees

Darken your darks and add some details...

I think I could have gone darker on this one and might work on it some more..

Hope you liked it, I sure had some fun trying this out, the best part is when you peel the tape and it reveals the white trees!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Simply Splendid! Thanks for the tutorial and tips!

  2. So pretty! Thanks for sharing your technique :)

  3. WOnderful the card ,your water coloring and the technique too !

  4. So very beautiful! I love both cards. I'm not sure of what you mean by going darker on your second card, but I love those colors on the background.

  5. Sanketi, these are stunning and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your process.

  6. What a lovely scene, I loved the images of work in progress :)

  7. This is simply beautiful! I have been a stamper for many years but you have inspired me to have a go at watercolouring. I have joined an evening class which I'm really enjoying. Thank you for sharing your techniques and for confirming that stamping and watercolouring can look really good together.

    1. Thank you so much, that I could inspire someone to take a class, truly made my day! Good luck!

    2. Thank you. I gave my teacher the link to your blog as we were painting trees last week and I thought that he'd like to see your lovely birches. I have just started up my own blog too - but I need to get better at painting before I post any of my efforts, so you needn't worry about the competition!

    3. I would love to see your work Lynn, and blogging is a wonderful way of keeping track of your progress, kinda like a sketchbook! We are all here to inspire each other, so no competition worries here!

  8. Love those birch tree...i was going to buy a die to use but your ideas are better and cheaper using tape...i took out my brushes now and would love to start experimenting on watercolors...thanks for sharing us your ideas and art work.
    Vi soriano



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