Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Arnold Grummer Contest Winner!

I have always loved the look, feel and texture of handmade paper. So when Arnold Grummer had a card contest in August, I decided to throw my hat in!

 We were asked to put an Owl on our project, which, to me, was THE most difficult part of the contest! Am not a huge fan of the Owl, in fact I avoid anything Owl related,stamps, images..you get the idea!

But I so wanted to be a part of this contest, I have been papermaking for almost a decade now and Arnold Grummer papermaking kit was the very reason I started making my own handmade paper. We used to live in  SC then, and I remember picking up this box of paper making supplies at an  A C Moore craft store.  His kit made this entire process so easy and simplified. I caught on to it and never let go!

 Every Summer I gather flowers and leaves from our garden, dry them in this lovely wooden flower press, handcrafted by my brother and make them a part of my paper. I embed each sheet with botanicals and seeds and cast each one individually. It is this simple, repetitive process  that I find extremely calming and relaxing...almost meditative!

So, coming back to my winning card....  I decided to cast a thicker paper and used some cotton linters and  painted directly on the paper and  since I had just been chosen to be on the Yasutomo Niji Design team, I decided to do something oriental..and tried my hand at Chinese Brush painting  and sent it off, happy that I had done my best!

And one fine afternoon, I received a happy mail from Kim over at Arnold Grummer's !
....and today it was announced officially in their October Newsletter and on their website, so I thought of sharing my project here too.

I had sent a mini tutorial as part of my submission..here it is...

The colors and brushes are by Yasutomo and paper making supplies by Arnold Grummer

......notice those petals and seeds....

That was a long post! still there?

You can stop by their website for the announcement and supply list.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



  1. Breath taking paper, beautiful painting. Congratulations on the win!

  2. So pretty... I love to make handmade paper using Arnold Grummer's Kit's.

  3. It's SO beautiful! I fell in love with this card, love the textured feel of the paper and how you decorated it. To be honest, I've been looking, no, admiring it for several minutes - it deserves more than a quick glance....

  4. Gorgeous! I will have to check out both websites-thanks for all of the info.

  5. Another beauty, Sanketi! Congratulations on your win, very well deserved!
    I made some paper with children, and also love the rustic feel of handmade paper, but now I just stick to theory. I have two great books covering all kinds of handmade paper; I was surprised to know that we can incorporate fabric, metal and many other unusual elements :).

  6. Love your card Sanketi! It is beautiful!!!

  7. Congratulations Sanketi! I have never made paper but love to garden and think it would be lovely to include botanicals in paper! Your card is beautiful! :)

  8. Congrats! I have only made paper once and it was quite an ordeal as I recall...

  9. Thanks so much for the wishes, truly appreciate it!



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