Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Clearly Besotted !

Before I get on with my card for today , I would like to thank each and everyone who left me comments and sent me emails about my previous posts..Grateful  and In the Meadow,

I am glad you'll liked it and appreciate you'll taking the time to leave a comment. Also I was asked if I sell my cards, especially holiday's something I have been contemplating for a while now, so who knows, maybe this year I might step into that foray of selling my work! At this time all I would say is, if you are interested in a particular card email me!

About today's card.....

I simply can't stop coloring my Clearly Besotted stamps, this is my fourth card using the same flower stamp, just that my earlier 3 were whisked away by friends even before I could take a picture, so I  colored one more.... again!.....and decided to get this one up on my blog before it got away from me.  I had some friends over yesterday and they saw a card on my desk that I had just finished with and before I knew, I was sitting and painting two more, while they chatted and snacked on chips and cookies!!  I think it's time I seriously stopped giving away my work and started selling them instead!!! ( girls ... you hear me?...these friends of mine read my blog  and kind of push me to post something every single day! .... love them!)

                Stamps -Clearly besotted and Sentiment -Hobby Lobby

But I did enjoy myself though, these stamps lend to painting so well, it's a pleasure to color them . The images are so crisp and  well them! I must get more of these!

I watercolored the images and then went over parts of it with Prismacolor pencils, to give it that extra glow and feel of light.

Hope you liked my card for today!
......thanks for stopping by!



  1. I loved it sanketi...your cards are a feast to eyes always..water color wonders...

  2. Stunning card. More like a work of art than a mere card! Amazing talent and utterly beautiful xxx

  3. I've been 'stalking' your blog for a while now. lol Just wanted to tell you that your cards are unlike any out there. You are amazing! Every card is a work of art! Thanks for putting it out there for all of us to see and enjoy!! Jaime Aldridge

  4. Yes, you should sell these works of art - this needs to be framed and showcased - beautiful!

  5. I'm collecting my jaw off my floor. Another utterly astonishing card. Would love if you'd write about how to create the background without it bleeding into the colored stamp? Do you let everything dry before you do the background? Or do you start with it?



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