Thursday, July 11, 2013

Go green!


  Playing along with Papertrey Ink Make It Monday#124 . This week it's all about dressing up your envelopes and creating a card and envelope set.
Here is my seed packet envelope and a handmade paper card filled with seeds.... ready to plant!

 stamps-  All Papertrey Ink-Vegetable Garden, Everyday Button Bits,Year of flowers,Die-PTI Mat Stack. Stamps- studio G

Every year as the growing season comes to an end , I collect seeds hoping to  stash them away for the next year, but almost always end up giving most of it away to my friends and neighbors. Some I hang on to, to add to my handpressed paper pulp...yes, I make paper all through summer and fall using junk mail and flowers from my garden, in fact I think I had done a post on it about a year back.. or if you click on Handpressed paper link above, you can get an idea of what I am talking about!

Coming back to the seeds, I usually just put them in  a ziplock and give them, which I know is not good for the seeds, especially if they are still damp and not thoroughly dried. So this year I decided to do seed packets, which  I guess is a more decent way of sharing these seeds too.

 I love  recycling stuff, with the junk mail taken care of, I am constantly looking for ways to use the brown bags we get from Whole Foods. The quality is so good, paper so thick, that I just cannot get myself to put it in the recycle I hoard  and hoard and use some in my paper making ...and hoard more....until I get threatened by hubs that he is going to throw them out !
I guess I should remember to carry my own bag next time!

Having survived yet another trash day yesterday, my stash of  brown bags were pleading to be put to good use and I thought ...hmmm.....what better way then to make seed packets out of them...light bulb moment!

With no PTI seed packet die to help me, I tore open an old seed packet and used it as a  template and got some 5 done before I decided to get myself the die and save myself from all the cutting and scoring and frustration!

Hope you  enjoyed my creation for today...with recycled kraft paper, handpressed paper and seeds I sure have some green going on here, now if only I could get some vegetable dye inks.......



  1. Sweet use of this stamp set. When I made paper I built a mould and deckle for making envelopes.

  2. Oh Myyy, Sanketi! you MADE the paper for your card~and what a great way to recycle those brown bags! This beautiful card and envelope will make such a fabulous gift for the recipient. YOU are amazing :)

  3. Such a wonderful, cool way to use this stamp set - just love it!

  4. What a beautiful way to go green...!

  5. What a wonderful set and love how you recycled! I'm impressed!! :0)

  6. Such a beautiful card and envelope! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas. I like to hold on to those paper bags as well. Really good paper!

  7. Beautiful projects!! i love the way you have layered the various stamps to create a real vintage look.



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