Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Can Do Everything....

A dull grey  lazy Saturday morning crafting away while other half has been working hard 'trying to organise' his side of the closet.  It was long pending and I had done my share of cleaning and organising thrice in between, just to have him undo all my work in a day!  He whined and complained that he does not work hard all week just to be saddled with these mundane domestic duties on the weekend and threatened to work weekends if this is what he had to endure on a weekend . His ideal day would have been lazily sitting and reading or catching up on his favorite HBO series Game Of Thrones.!

I have of course been trying to cheer him on, offering him cups of tea and encouraging him  and telling him ....he can do it!  And if he had put his mind to it he would have been done in 20 mins...but, no, he has been taking breaks as though he has been asked to dig dirt and plant seedlings ( now that's what he will be doing next weekend....hush... don't tell him yet!)  He is hoping I look at the mess he has made and end up finishing the job myself ....but nope ..turned a blind eye and went about creating a card for 10 min Craft dash #17

All the cheering  on my mind led me to this......

 A super quick and easy card. The stamping hardly took any time , so I decided to do some partial embossing for some added interest and dimension. Also colored in the images using some pastel pencils. The card came together in 8 mins and 22 seconds.

 Here is inspiration picture

Stamps-Hampton art, CAS-ual Fridays. Embossing folder -Tim Holtz

 Despite the timer being on, I enjoyed making this card . I better go and check and perhaps  just get the job done myself!
....thanks for looking and stopping by today.



  1. Wow, this card is amazing! I love the color pops :)
    Thanks for joining us at the 10 Minute Craft Dash. I really hope you'll be able to join us again soon :)

  2. Fabulous job on this one! I love how you did a partial embossing for the background- I need to do this sometime soon!

    I'm so happy you could join along in this 10 Minute Craft Dash. Hope to see you for the next challenge!

  3. Awesome card. I love the stamp. I didn't know there were any out there like that. I especially like the way you colored it. Great work. Good luck on the planting!

  4. Fabulous card! LOVE the splashes of color on this!



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