Saturday, October 20, 2012


Am so excited , I had to share this with you all, I just got back from the bookstore and ...
......drum roll please............ very first print publication!!!!!! can see my card in Simply Handmade- Holidays Nov/Dec 2012
               ..right now on the newsstands !!!!

                   Page 32-33- under  Holiday Correspondence-Swarup M

.. although I got published in Apri/May 2012 in Designed to color magazine, it was an ezine (now of course it does come in print), so officially this is my very first print publication!

Thanks for sharing my joy.



  1. Huge congrats Sanketi, so happy for you:) Its such a nice feel to see the first Card/project in print. Wish we also got the magazine here.

  2. Congrats Sanketi, such exciting news. Real happy for you, your card being published is well deserved :-)

  3. Yay, hooray!! So excited for you Sanketi! Did you show anyone at the bookstore ("hey, look, it's me!)? I'll have to check it out : )

  4. Thanks sooo much everyone for your wishes , they mean a lot to me!

    ..and Kelly about telling everyone at the store..nope did not not show anyone but I did take some pics of me with the magazine, even that did not attract any attention!!!!



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