Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Quick Tutorial

After I posted this card here, I was asked about the technique used and how I achieved that washed look, and I had promised to do a tutorial, so today I thought of sharing a photo tutorial with a promise of a video coming soon!

......... step by step directions to a card I posted here..

Warning- photo heavy!

Step 1- A few simple supplies..some blendable colors like watercolor paints/watercolor pencils/gelatos ( as you can see my watercolor sketchbox has seen a lot of love! ) a brush, spray bottle of water, watercolor paper- I prefer 140 # since they hold up more water before buckling up 

Step 2- Dampen paper by spraying from the mister, you can soak it wet dripping with water or just damp enough to see a sheen..depending on the moisture the paints will bleed and blend ..that's why no two will be the same!

Step 3-Drop in your colors and let them blend not use a dry brush to move your colors around since it will act as a sponge and pick your color off the paper ..always use a moist color laden brush ..I prefer to just drop my colors and hold the paper in my hand and move the paper ..that way wherever there is moisture there will be color and no hard edges.
You can see below how the colors start to merge and blend and in the next step you can see how much they have spread by the time they dried. 

 Step 4-Let the paper dry well before stamping your images. Always remember watercolors dry lighter if you are looking for a vivid color start darker than you would like your final result to be.

 Step 5- Die cut image using a Die cut machine( I used a Big Shot here)

Step 6- using walnut stain distress ink ..distress the edges and  finally mount onto card base using foam adhesive

Supplies: watercolor paper, watercolor paints, stamps-Crafty secrets, PTI, distress ink, ivory card base

I hope this was useful and  you will give this technique a try ..  thanks for stopping by.


  1. Superb card!!Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the inspiration.I would really love to try this.

  2. Cool, I did want to know your technique! TFS

  3. I LOVE it. Thank you for sharing your technique.

  4. Perfect tutorial. Thanks so much,



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