Friday, July 20, 2012

Stamp- A- Faire

I am so excited !
it's finally time for stamp - a- faire and this time I will be able to  participate's  an online  event and all of us get to join the fun!!!!!

Click here to join 

Looking forward to all the badges....meeting new people and learning lots of new techniques!

...........looking forward to a day dedicated to just stamping and crafting ..gotta love that!

See you all tomorrow................



  1. Hi Sanketi! So glad you'll get to partake in all the festivities tomorrow!! I hope I get the chance to chat with you in the forum! Have a REALLY great day and I look forward to seeing your projects!

  2. We are really excited to see you participating tomorrow! I just know you will learn so much and have such a great time! And you are totally right, hang a crafty day all to yourself is the BEST way to spend a day! :) See you tomorrow!



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