Saturday, April 7, 2012


Turmeric is good for it good for paper making bet it is!

 When The moxie Fab world said look around for household items to use on your projects ..I thought to myself ..been doing that for a long time now!...recyclying reusing and repurposing
 ..time to share

 with all the junk mail I use for this project it's  perfect for the Stampendous April Challenge- reuse recyle repurpose 

Moxie Fab World- The Household Items Challenge.

Ever since I started paper making from my junk mail  to create some beautiful textured plantable cards, I have  used veggies likes beetroot , tea leaves and spices especially my all time favorite go to yellow color -- Turmeric.

So my household item is from my spice jar..Turmeric ..and if junk mail and flowers fro my garden count as household items then add them in..more the merrier!!

 Yesterday I cast my first batch for this year. I do a lot of papermaking during spring and summer , with the flowers from my garden and usually add seeds to the paper while it is being cast so that the recipient of the card can plant it later and continue to enjoy the card in a different way.

 I simply love the look and feel of handmade paper, the seeds add to the texture
                                                              Turmeric at play

                                                            Flower Press

 This is the flower press , I use to press and dry my flowers ..beautifully handcrafted by my brother..decoupaged with some gingko and pansies by me.

Some  previous samples  ( notice the leaves and petals from my chrysanthemums ) and pictures on how I package them and insert a little note  on how to use them further

                                using Beetroot

 Am sharing it on Do More With Less.. recycling with Sonia Venugopal...

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  1. Wow... This is incredible. Seriously one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time!

  2. This is so beautiful Sanketi! I love that they can be planted.

  3. I love making handmade paper, but have never added seeds to mine. I'll need to try that sometime. Blessings!

  4. You have inspired me. A while ago, my doctor told me to mix turmeric, black pepper and olive oil and blend it into a V8. Being the good patient that I am, I bought the biggest container of Turmeric out there...should have tasted it first. I now take my turmeric in pill form:-)

    Your paper is glorious! I love the colors and texture. Very creative. Thanks for playing along with all of us over at Stampendous.

  5. How cool is this?!? Love your hand made paper!!!Thanks for playing in the Stampendous! April Challenge!!

  6. Hey Sanketi! Thanks for linking this up to the Household Items Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

  7. Brilliant. Very cool! Glad you joined us at Stampendous!

  8. This is beautiful and oh so delicate.
    Thank You so much for joining the recycling challenge at DO more with Less

  9. Your papers are gorgeous! Wow! Such a beautiful way to create cards. Thank you for joining in with the Stampendous! Challenge!

  10. I knew about using fabric n old paper's pulp for handmade paper but never about using seeds in it...such fab idea to plant a card !!!! I do use turmeric on my cards ..and your beetroot paper is tempting me to use it too..Thanks a lot for sharing it Sanketi.



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