Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Five for Five

The single most fear most have, to step into any hobby is the cost of materials apart from the confusing aisles of a craft store where most tend to get lost!!!!
Recently I was asked to do a project for our meet up group which primarily aimed at newbies to the Papercrafting world. During the course of an earlier  workshop , I had come across many who just wanted to keep things simple and make some Thank you notes for teachers, some holiday cards and such.. Keeping them in mind , I created a set of cards with very inexpensive supplies which could be used in multiple ways to create a new card every single time.

Coincidentally, Moxie Fab World is hosting a challenge which echoes this very same thought.
The 5 for $5 challenge. so I thought of creating another set with the very same supplies....a Thank you set.

Warning: Picture Heavy!

I kept the same sentiment with different combinations of the same stamps.

Same supplies -different look.

The Cost Breakup:
ITEM             AMOUNT
Notecards-     $  . 42  for 5 cards
                   - ( 50 notecards for 6.99 -use a 40% coupon -$ 4.20- Hobby Lobby)

Stamps-          $ 3.00-  Two stamp sets on clearance-Michaels

Punch-           $ 1.00 - $ bin at Michaels

Tiny little scrap of red cardstock for the punched hearts

Total:            $ 4. 42

parting note ............look through the clearance section for some real good helps a lot especially when you are just starting to wet your feet in the pool of paper!

Get crafting !

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Very nice post, I like your stories and your cards. I am bad at flat cards, but will give this a go one day because you brought flat back (that's my homage to justin timerlake haha)!

  2. Very beautiful set of CAS cards!

  3. ah, clearance stamps make me happy :) Love what you've come up with - all of them still so different!

  4. Hey Sanketi! Thanks for linking this up to the 5 for $5 Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)



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