Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Storyteller......

Thank You God for creating grandmother's !!!
What would we do without them, where would we have got our stories from?
Despite all the books I read, the kind of comfort I got when my grandma narrated a tale in her soft soothing voice is beyond compare. I had the good fortune of growing up in the company of my paternal grandmother. She stayed with us, giving me an opportunity to watch and learn from her some of the most important lessons of life. She has always lived by some very strong principles and is extremely orthodox, can't blame her though, she is in the ninth decade of her life, her ways are set,with no room for any kind of change.

I have a particularly strong connection with her, and she reciprocates the same. Among all the grandchildren, she seems to have a very soft corner for me,so I am told.
She was the one who gave me my name,and has influenced me more than anyone else I know. She is a great story teller herself, she knows how to weave one, literally! She starts with one topic and ends on a totally different one, she has to be reminded often to stay on track if she does not want us to be lost in her web!

From her I learned how important it was to hold on to memories rather than people, having lost a very important person early on in her life,her only thread with that phase seemed to be memories and till date she refuses to part with those. As she struggled to raise her children,these very memories kept her going , and I have a faint feeling that,it is the secret behind her grit and determination. She never labels anything negative, she believes it was meant to be and happened for the best.

Every night as she and my mother would close the kitchen, I would get her bed ready just so that we could save some time and start the much awaited story session. As I would get under the covers, she would sit by me and pat me softly and start one of her tales, she would name the characters, describe their looks and clothes in detail leading me to imagine them as they would be. The audio video impact is said to the strongest, and that is what happened to me, my grandma's soft voice and me imagining the storyline, created a deep fulfilling impact.
She had and still has plenty to narrate, be it mythology, family history or riddles, she always had something appealing for the kids. Rarely did she make up stories, she led such a rich and fulfilling life that she had enough from her life experiences to tell us. We learned early on how to spend time and bond with family .
This blog was born out of my need to put these memories down to read and cherish .

I dedicate THE STORYTELLER to my adorable grandmother.



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