Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 It's been over a week since I blogged and I did not even realize it!

Lately, I have been sharing my work on Instagram and since most of my blog readers are also on IG, I feel they might have already read about my latest pieces there, and often postpone blogging about them !

But, today I received another message asking if I would continue using stamps for my watercolors and be doing any more videos? Since  I have been asked this before on YouTube, I thought it was time to update my viewers !

..a short answer would be.. Yes!

...a long one would be ..

Yes, I will be doing videos and be using stamps too, but currently am in the process of giving my Etsy shop a strong foundation . Back in July, when I opened on Etsy, I knew it was going to be a lot of work and would require a lot of commitment, especially in terms of time., but after the initial few days, it dawned upon me that running a shop even if it's online takes as much effort as a regular brick and mortar store!

I realized early on that if I did not adapt a schedule and organize my studio, I would not be able to do much in a day. I was running between stuff..painting, photography, shipping, household chores, errands and the list continued with not much getting done! If I did one, the others were pending and often it was the household chores that was put on the back burner!

So to get everything in order, I decided to put video making on hold, until after the holidays. Filming a video is very easy, since I am painting everyday and all I need to do is to push 'record', but the editing and voiceover takes a lot of time . Honestly, I think I don't know how to do it the easy way, because I see a lot of people put up a video almost everyday! Hopefully, I shall learn how to do it quick and easy  and start over!

Someone did suggest Periscope, but the fact that it can be viewed for a limited time, makes me wonder if it's worth the effort. I have missed watching some lovely demo's just because of the time difference or because I was unaware of when it would be up for viewing.

About using stamps, I shall continue to do so since I have a lovely stash with me, but for now, it's going to be originals painted by me and available for purchase over at Etsy!

And now for those who are not on IG and still love receiving updates from my blog..here are some new pieces ...

Last week, I picked up some QoR watercolors to try . I got the high chroma set especially for the Quin magenta. I love the vibrancy and  they stay vibrant even after drying! If you are looking for some new watercolors ..try these...they are simply wonderful!

                         Pink Flowers-  QoR watercolors on Arches 140# CP watercolor paper.

                                Bird- W&N on Canson 140 # CP watercolor paper.

                               Orange and green   -     QoR watercolors on Arches CP paper.

That's it for today....thanks for stopping by and  for those in the US have a wonderful Thanksgiving week ahead!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Grateful For...

My hand lettering practice has made me confident enough  to write on my finished pieces of work and I must say I am loving it ! It has added a whole new dimension to my watercolors and I am simply loving the thought of all the innumerable possibilities!

Here are some I did last week...
..all of these are now available on Etsy..check them out!

Thanks so  much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hand Lettering

Before I begin with my post for today, I would like to THANK all my readers for the comments and emails and messages congratulating me on my first print release...each one was read with gratitude and thankfulness . I truly appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment or write me an email. I hope to continue inspiring you through my art and wish every single reader of mine would pick up a brush and start painting....I promise it's truly meditative!

Apart from basking in the warmth of the Club Scrap release, I did do some hand lettering. After all the practicing that I had been doing lately, I, finally, had the confidence to use it on my final pieces of artwork. Of course, am not taking any chances with it and am doing the lettering 'before' I do the artwork!

Here are some of the pieces ......all of them are now available on ETSY

Here is one where I did some miniature work using a teeny tiny 00 brush!

      Miniature work on 140# CP paper

It's a first for me...never used such a tiny brush before for an entire painting! I have reached for a 0 before, but just for final details and have quickly put it away for fear of fiddling too much and ruining the entire work! In fact I tell anyone who asks me about brushes, to pick the largest that they are comfortable with and to stay away from tiny ones!

I feel one needs a LOT of patience to work on a small scale and even more patience to deal with a number 0 or 00 or even smaller brushes. It holds very little paint and one tiny stroke and it's time to reload!

Hmnn..let's see if I reach for it again..since I do love the scale and look of this painting...will keep you updated!

And here am back to my regular no 6 sable..

 I used gold ink for this one. I loved how it turned out! It look a bit raised, almost like the gold embossing using embossing powder.

              Gold lettering on Arches 140#CP paper.

 Hope you enjoyed reading today's post...have a nice week ahead friends!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Exciting News!...Club Scrap Guest Artist

 A couple of months back, Tricia, the founder of Club Scrap, messaged me with a thought...."would you be interested in doing some artwork for Club Scrap"?
...a simple sentence loaded with more than I could imagine!
......I did not reply immediately, since I did not know what it meant...artwork for a scrapbooking company?..WOW that was huge!

Here I was just going about my day doing what I did everyday...painting watercolors and suddenly a door was opened which filled my ordinary day with an air of opportunity and excitement!

After many many questions which were patiently answered by Tricia, I found myself collaborating with Club Scrap for a special edition project!

For the very first time...my watercolors have been printed and you will find them in a couple of different collections..

Watercolor Christmas

Greeting cards

Scrapbook collection

I cannot but thank Tricia Morris for this wonderful opportunity! That she saw potential in my work and thought it good enough to be shared with her members is a huge encouragement for me.Thank you Tricia and your  wonderful team ! The collection looks awesome!

Here is a link to their blog and announcement.

Tricia has some lovely videos showcasing this collection..check them out..

Video 1

Video 2

video 3

Here are the original pieces that have turned into Club Scrap Collections!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing my excitement!
Have a wonderful week friends!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dip Pens-Calligraphy

Last week, I got my dip pens out to try my hand at calligraphy!

For a long time now, I have wanting to be able to write quotes on my artwork in the beautiful copperplate style. After a week of practice, all I can say is..I  do have a 'long way' to go before I get a hold of the slant and strokes. I struggled so much with the downstrokes that I did not even bother trying any particular style of calligraphy! All I wanted to do was get the thick and thin letters right!
..will get there eventually, until then shall keep practicing!

In fact, the other day, I met a calligrapher at the art store and she recommended I get the oblique nib holder which would help me get my slant and also improve my strokes. I tried looking for that holder, but looks like it's very popular and was out of stock everywhere! Will post my find if and when I get one!

If you know where to find an oblique pen or have any suggestions on how to improve my calligraphy...please leave me a comment! I need all the help I can get!

In other news..I have something exciting coming up next week..will share more soon...maybe as soon as Monday..standby!

And here are some watercolor pieces from this week...it was a slow week when it came to painting because I spent most of my waking hours practicing my calligraphy!

On Etsy.. Mason Jar -Watercolor on 140 # Sennelier Rough watercolor paper and M Graham paints

Watercolor On 140# Arches Rough ..0n Etsy

That's all for this week...Happy Sunday!


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Summer Garden

  Picture Heavy Post....
 ....put your feet up and enjoy with a warm cuppa!

The temps around here feel like winter already!

Night time lows of 28F got to our lovely yellow chrysanthemums and they got all droopy and sad! I got some in, hoping to hang on to them for a little while longer, but they don't seem to be liking it indoors and continue to be 'mopey' and grumpy! They look like me when I am woken up too early.. before 5 am! On such occasions it's best for me to avoid any human interaction until after 7...just sayin!

Before the garden was gone completely, I decided to collect whatever was remaining and paint some to remember our garden from 2015. This year we did not plant much, mature trees casting a shadow on our flower beds had limited our choice for flowering plants. We stuck with simple impatiens and marigolds for annuals and depended on our south facing mums for fall color. With that gone, our garden is now done for the year!

Here are some pieces, I painted over the week...Summer 2015 on Arches 140# watercolor paper .

A major highlight of the week, was the arrival of my new palette and new M Graham and Daniel Smith paints. Had been wanting to add M Graham to my palette for a very long time.They are honey based and do not dry completely which help my soft sable brushes last longer. These pure colors stay vibrant even when dry! Loving them. All the paintings here have been done using these paints.

The palette of course has large wells and lots of mixing space and the best part is it's porcelain and not plastic which mean easy clean up and no staining and it does weigh 5 pounds though..definitely a studio palette!

As always, I made a color chart of all the colors for future reference.

I made a set of Thank You Cards...... You can find them all on ETSY.

And as a grand finale to my painting session..
.....I ruined a perfectly composed, masked and two layers down already, coming well together painting by spilling some lovely purple paint on it! oooops!
Yes ..I did that!

 I tried my best to rescue it..took the following steps to save it...
...tissues were reached for to dab the purple off,
...tears were shed (how that would help?...don't ask!),
...frustration and sadness was shown/shared with other kind people at home (aka husband) and as always he was also blamed for the spill since he was the one who critiqued it and said add more darks! The purple paint was being mixed to add some shadows and darks...
.....and as a final attempt to save it, more paint was thrown on it to hopefully make it look 'abstract" and well intended....
...BUT, alas, it had to be put down! RIP dear yellow flowers by the window sill..you will be missed!

In memory, here is a picture  of that once 'lovely painting'....

Here are the Thank You cards... simple floral illustrations..

Hope you  enjoyed today's post and thank you so much for stopping by! Have a nice Sunday!


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Northern Cardinal

Here is what I have been working on this weekend...Northern Cardinals! I have used Gansai Tambi watercolors on both.I loved the vibrancy and deep rich colors.  I started on the smaller 5x7 on Arches rough first and then painted the larger 9x12 on Arches cold press.

Cardinal-5x7 Arches rough

Northern  Cardinal-9x12 Arches Cold press

And here is the smallest...4.5x6 matted to 5x7 on Arches cold Press paper. This one is available on Etsy

The details on the Northern Cardinal

Have used salt for the extra texture...

Love this bird...hope I get to see some this winter!

Have a nice weekend friends!



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