Monday, April 14, 2014

Taste Of India - Sneak peek!

Today I am sharing a sneak peek !
 .........a new Sheena Douglass range is being released on Thursday, April 17th  and it's called  'Taste of India.'

I was so excited when I saw these stamps that I immediately jumped in and started coloring! I think this collection is by far my favorite from Crafter's Companion! I have used Spectrum Noir markers and Spectrum Noir blendable color pencils on this card. This collection has some really lovely images and they all work so well together!

The CC designers have been sharing sneak peeks over the last couple of days ...check them out...

The deets...
Sheena Taste of India- Henna
Spectrum Noir- BT2,BT3,BT4,BT5,TB5,IB2,IB3,CR1,CR5,DG2,DG3,DR1,CT1,CT3,GB6,BP1,HB2,HB3,Black,
Spectrum Noir blendable colored pencils- 023,014,028,099,019,065,066,061,052,029,035

Thanks so much for stopping by today ...see you soon! 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Explore...Dream...Discover...a video.

Hello there... back with another video for you !

I think I have finally got a hold on this video making, but it is still taking up a lot more time than I think it should...I keep doing the same work over and over again..just cause I have not learned how to do some quick editing..but I will get there for sure and hopefully soon! I have some 4 cards filmed but yet to edit them am thinking maybe once a week I might be able to post a video ...let's see how that goes!

Today  I have a card where I use Spectrum Noir markers and watercolors for the background. This video was actually a reader request. After seeing some of my cards using these two mediums together, she wanted me do a video. Honestly, am not a pro at alcohol marker coloring and worse under the lens, but I gave it a shot just to give you an idea of how I use the vibrancy of these markers with the subtlety of watercolors.

The response to my first video  was overwhelming, I had not realized there were so many of you who were waiting for me to put one up! Thank you so very much for all the comments was truly encouraging!

Also thanks to all the feedback, I now  have a general idea of how to improve my videos. I have listened to you and shown you my palette of colors and how I pick my paint and also have talked a little bit about color mixing.


                                      Watch on You Tube in HD

I was asked if the samples shown towards the end of the video were already blogged
Yes they have been and here are the links...

Love blooms
Gentle moments

here is a closer look......

Stamps -Crafter's Companion-Angelica and Adam collection-Adam
Spectrum Noir markers- IB1.IB2,IB3,FS2,FS3,FS4,TN2,TN3,TN4,GB1,LY2,GB3,GB4,BGR3,BGR4

Thanks so much for joining me today and have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unity Blog Hop

Welcome back to Unity blog hop!

If you are hopping along than you would have arrived from Stephanie's blog ..if not I have a complete list below..join the fun!

Today I am showcasing Unity April's a lovely kit offered for the SMAK (Scrapbooking, Mixed-Media, Altered art, Kit) Membership Program. ... it has some really large size images that would make an impact even on a huge canvas.

 Also, we have a new sentiment kit release...

If you love Unity stamps then be sure to share your work through the Be inspired challenge over at the Unity runs a month so you have plenty of time to join in!  A new challenge starts today!

 Check out the Spring Garage sale if you want to stock up on your favorite Unity stamps!

We have TWO amazing Unity filled prize packages to giveaway.  Leave a comment on EACH blog in the hop (including the Unity blog) for your chance to win.  The winners will be announced Saturday night on the Unity blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and here is the complete hop list....


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

 Spring has sprung but it's going to be a while before we get to see any Cherry Blossoms here in Illinois! Every year we plan to make a trip to DC to be a part of the awesome  National Cherry Blossom festival which starts in March and goes on till mid April, but so far it has not materialized...I hope to go there sometime...have heard so much about it!

In the meanwhile why not color some?

 I have used a stamp set by Crafter's Companion Stamps-Sheena-A little bit Oriental-Sakura  and colored them using Spectrum Noir-PP2, PP3, PP4, LG5. And for the blue background, I have used Radiant Neon ink-electric blue

 And before I let you go, I must thank you for all the kind and encouraging  comments you left me on my previous video post...thank you so meant a lot to me ..truly and deeply appreciate them!

Have a great week and do stop by Crafter's Comapnion Facebook page for more inspiration!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Botanicals.....a video!

 I cannot believe the day has dawned...
....the day I share my very first's finally here!

Over the last couple of months I had been seriously considering doing video tutorials, but the very thought of all that goes into making one intimidated me so much that I kept pushing it to the back of my mind. Every time a reader left me a comment asking to watch me paint, I would feel bad for not being able to share more. I truly wanted people to watch me create these cards and see how easy they were  and inspire them, perhaps, to pick up a brush and try for themselves.

But, again, the set up itself seemed too laborious to to film, which camera to pick, do I need special software to edit and finish a video...too many questions and no one to answer! What about ask?
....don't go there...don't even get me started .....have I ever mentioned that he goes by  the "either my way or....." motto......yeah he's black or white no greys!  So at the very beginning of this video journey we parted no .don't worry,we are still under the same roof!'s just that we cordially agreed to disagree and since then I was on my own......rant over,back to the video now...

So, I decided to just use my phone and a simple tripod and start filming....and so I did...

......filmed one card...forgot to press record after I had paused in between,
.....filmed another...blurred because of table shake....
.....another tossed due to 'accidently' pressing delete on my 'super smart' phone..
.....yet another out of focus..the entire card was to one lonely side of the frame.....

.......begged for divine intervention these things happen to anyone out there or is it just me...frustration...even tears..but not ready to give up..not's just not I continued...a week goes by and finally am done filming something decent and get ready to can't be more difficult than what I have already been through..right....WRONG!
....editing proved to be far more difficult than the actual recording! But I learned a lot...every roadblock, I would run to You Tube for a tutorial...YT did two things made me grateful for all those who have taken the time and effort to put those videos out there...and it made me wonder how they churned out so many videos  while I was struggling to make one!!

If you are wondering why I had so much difficulty to do a video, it's because I am not a trial and error person..I need everything clear and concise..guessing does not work for me nor does button clicking..I can't get myself to click something and too much of a scary cat with all kinds of thoughts..simple ones like.. 'what if I click and can't undo' .. to... 'what if my computer crashes'!

After 2 weeks of intense frustration, tears and disappointment, am still here ..... with a video on my blog..I did it! it's your turn to watch it and leave me some feedback so I can improve my future videos....yes after all this I am still thinking of making more because now it can only get easier. Please be frank with your comments.... but not brutally frank!lol!

I used a  stamp from Unity's current kit of the month..for those who are not aware of this's a subscription based program where you receive a stamp kit every month and these contain a wonderful variety of stamps .  Here is the Apriil KOTM

Click here to watch on You Tube

For an overview of the supplies used click here

A super long post but I had to share ...after all my blog is called The Storyteller for a reason!

Thanks so much for coming by today!

ETA- I have a couple of readers ask me questions about today's video...will be answering them in the comments section, but I thought others would benefit from it, so sharing it here in the main post....

Q. Does wet on wet mean you have dampened the watercolor paper before you add the watercolors?
 A. Yes..dampen the area where you want add color and lay your will blend on it's own. you can see me do that more clearly when I add the yellow background. that a Ranger/Tim Holtz water brush? Do you fill it with water, or do you keep water off to the side in a container?'
No it's by Niji, but the watercolor set I am using ..Sakura Koi watercolors set of 24 comes with a waterbrush. I  normally use my regular brush and jar of water  for painting and waterbrushes for field trips, but since most crafter's seem to have a waterbrush , I used it in the video.


Friday, April 4, 2014


It's Friday ..already......gosh!.. where did the week go! I need more hours in a day!

With so much work yet to be finished, I will keep this post very short . I wanted to share this new Pun stamp by Unity, I had this card ready for a while now and forgotten to blog it! I love stamps like these which bring a smile to someone's face...perfect!

I sketched a simple scene and watercolored it. The stamps are from the PUN in the kitchen set. Unity has a weekend sale going on ..check them out!

..a closer look...

Thanks for stopping by and have great weekend!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 Hope your week has got off to a great start !
...I have been busy as a beaver ...having taken up a 'new project' and did not realize the weekend go by!
 .............I have a surprise 'coming soon' on this blog and have been working hard on it.. hint.. hint....'most requested for'... any guesses?

.....Wait and watch this space for more info !

Also, I am now a part of Crafter's Companion Challenge and this month we have a floral theme for you. This challenge has now moved to Facebook so all you non -blogger's can participate and share your work on FB. Top cards will be highlighted and of course there will be a winning card and an awesome prize!
Click here to join in

Here is a pretty colorful Iris for you....

 Stamps- Crafter's Companion- Sheena a little bit floral-
Spectrum Noir-TB2,TB3,Tb4,TB5,TB7,TB8,TB9,CG3,CG4, Colored Pencils

The stamp is by Crafter's Companion and I have used Spectrum Noir markers to color them.  I added some finishing touches with colored pencils.

I had lots of close up pictures to share, but unfortunately when I uploaded them here, they refused to show up as true black, some were grey while other's  were brown! I have never had this issue before, rarely the whites would be a tad grey and  I would just work on it a bit on Photoshop, but this time it was showing up just fine on PS but once I added them here, the colors were off, especially the black!

Has anyone ever had this issue?

Anyway thanks so much for coming by today and for more inspiration stop by CC Facebook page where the DT shares a new project every single day!



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